About us

To become a world class awarding institution using the best practices to deliver service to the satisfaction of our stake holders

The Scholarships Secretariat exits to utilize Government funds.  GETFUND and Donor Support, for the provision of Scholarships to brilliant but needy students and qualified Ghanaian workers at a minimum access cost for Human Resource Development for the purpose of National Growth and Development

  • To award scholarships to needy but brilliant students in second cycle institutions based on merit and hardship.
  • To offer scholarships training in government priority areas for qualified Ghanaians workers in foreign tertiary institutions.
  • To offer bursaries for post graduate training locally in public tertiary institutions.
  • To strengthen the human resource capacity and provide a conducive working environment for the Secretariat.
  • To increase equitable access to and participation in quality education at all levels.
  • To bridge the gender gap to access to education.